Friday, February 10, 2012

The Dangers of a Living Document

I realize that everyone is shaped by their culture, is influenced by the times in which they were raised.

Consider politically the times in which I have been raised (age: 34). The Constitution is in theory the Law of our Land. Yet how is it viewed? Is it the Law of the Land, or do we read intentions into it? Do we read between the lines and say, "Oh, surely the Founders would have liked my wonderful idea"? Or, do some of us, even folks on the Supreme Court, basically view the Constitution as obsolete?

This is the age in which I have grown up - when politics and leaders in this Country worry less and less about what is written and go on and do their own thing. The past 11 years this has just increased all the more, and the rule of the written Law of the Land is ignored. And the result is chaos and strife and factionalism that is based on naked powerplays and mass manipulation. And I despise it.

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Now - knowing this, consider how I approach theology.

We have the written Word of God, everything revealed to us that is necessary for Salvation.

Do you understand why I don't trust and do not care for theological statements that are not clearly there? Why I don't trust what you claim to be God's obvious intent (that He did not say)? Why I don't trust the wisdom of man who claims to know what is good and righteous (even though God didn't see fit to spell it out)?

That is the path of chaos and strife and factionalism, replete with naked power plays and the desire to manipulate one's neighbor.

And I don't like it.

Hence: Show Me the Scriptures!

Do what you want, follow your conscience as long as the Scriptures don't countermand it... but don't tell me I need to follow your conscience as well. That path reeks of tyranny, and I wish nothing of it.

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