Wednesday, February 1, 2012

One Month Done Already

Well, we are one month into 2012 already. And it wasn't a short month that went by - nope, it was a full 31 day month.

The passage of time is an interesting thing - simply because from our subjective point of view it seems to change speeds so much. This past month simply flew by for me - of course, it was an insanely busy month. But there there are those days or weeks that just seem to drag on, to last forever, those "long watches of the night".

This is one of the reason why I love the Church Year - there is a rhythm to it - there is a movement, a pattern - a little bit of common familiarity to that wildly vacillating thing I know of as time.

We're starting to get ready for Lent and then for Easter. The next two months or so will probably be quick and busy as well. And by then... who knows... my son may be learning to crawl, which will make life even more busy.

It's good to pause and ponder Christ's love for us - it is very good.

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