Monday, December 22, 2008

Relaxed thoughts on Christmas Time

So, I sit here this morning with nothing to do at the moment. I almost feel bad, but there is a reason.

I am going on vacation after Christmas for a week. My Seminarian is going to be handling service this Sunday whilest I am on Vacation. My dad is covering for me on New Year's Eve. Now, this had a two-fold effect. First, I had to get everything for when I was going to be gone ready. . . last week. . . as I am a nervous wreck if I am not well prepared before hand. Second, the schedule had to be clear so as to work with my Seminarian on Sunday's service and his sermon, and a few things for Christmas Eve.

However, his girlfriend (oooOOOOoooo) flew in yesterday. And was well delayed. As in, I think she got in last night. So, Seminarian isn't here yet - and I'm not going to call in case she didn't get into Tulsa until late last night and they got here really late. Let the poor boy sleep. But that leaves me with pert near everything that could be done. . . done. I've gotten all the prep done that I can - even have gone over Christmas sermon twice.

So, why do I post this other than to make those poor beraggled pastors who have taken a quick blog-reading break just absolutely livid? Because this provides me an opportunity I am not often afforded -- a calm pause before Christmas.

See, I find Christmas to be much busier and much more stressful than Lent. You have just as many services (especially when you factor in Thanksgiving and Epiphany) - plus, there tend to be all the additional stresses of Christmas, and the desire for sentimentality. Thus, this becomes a great time of stress for me.

There is so much baggage that comes with Christmas - so many expectations, so many desires for things to be just right -- it's the time of the year where everyone suddenly tries to become Susie Homemaker or a superhero dad.

Oh, the Seminarian is here. Now, I suppose the hectic chaos of Christmas will return! Darn you, Seminarian, bane of my life! Oh, and thanks for covering the 28th. >=o)

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