Thursday, November 3, 2011

Does the Fix Come First?

So often the temptation within Christendom is to preach the Law as an attempt to fix things - to bring about new laws and rules which will makes things better -- that new rules will bring about a reform.

Sasse brings this out nicely on his history of the reformation. Every human reformation rests upon laws trying to fix things, laws trying to make things work. But that was not the Reformation - nor is it how the Gospel works.

Consider Luke 19 and Zacchaeus. Does Jesus walk up to Zacchaeus and say, "Now here's how it is going to be - give half of your goods to the poor, and pay back 4 times anyone you have defrauded... and then we can get to the good stuff?" No - Christ gives Himself to Zacchaeus... and in spontaneous response, he produces all sorts of works of love and contrition... not by force, not by the design of some moral dictator, but out of who Zacchaeus is as a redeemed and forgiven child of God.

Same thing holds true today, guys. When people see forgiveness and delight in it, they will show love. And their works will flow, not from your law or your wise planning, but from a free and joyous spirit. The fix always follows the Gospel... if only we would trust God's Word more than our own wisdom!

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