Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Law vs. Morals

(Finally I think I am over the stomach bug -- and me bride and me son might be too)

So this morning I see much hand wringing and lamenting.  I see people decrying the decline of civilization, the fall of democracy, the end of all that is good, the impending chastisement of God upon our nation (or even that President Obama *is* the chastisement from God upon our nation). 

Politically speaking -- this annoys me, because nationally speaking... nothing really changed.  Split Congress, Democrat President.  The last 2 years will be the next 2 years -- we endured, and we will endure.  There were some interesting things on the state level -- two states legalized marijuana, two (or three - although I think the third ratified what was already done) added gay marriage.  Those are bigger social/moral issues.  (Although no one notes that Oklahoma overturned Affirmative Action)

But let's consider this from a theological angle.  What does any election ever really change for the Christian.  An election took place -- is Christ no longer raised from the dead?  A law was passed -- am I consigned to hell now?  No - Christ is still risen from the dead, and so shall you.

"But, but, but" cries the moralist, "they are going to destroy morality with their passing of the abortion laws and the gay marriage!"

No.  They aren't.  Bad law does not destroy morals.  Oh, they might undermine them, they might make it easier for others to ignore them... but if say, gay marriage is legal in a state... how does that really impact morality?  How does that impact a Christian who wishes to live according to the commands of God?

It doesn't. 

We've had abortion on demand for almost 40 years now -- it hasn't destroyed right and wrong.  Show forth love.

We give too much credence to the government (and place too much fear, love, and trust there) - and I think a lot of it is because we, as sinful human beings want to be in charge.  We want to be able to tell other people what to do -- and if we are bossing them around to make them do something "good" then our ego trips must be God pleasing.  No.  Not really.

The task before you this morning is the same as it has been every morning - You are forgiven, O Sinner - now strive to beat down your sinful flesh and show love to God and to neighbor.  Confess and receive gifts from God.

Will political choices impact our lives - sure.  But they do not impact God, nor His promises to us.  We have not heard the death knell of morality - maybe our culture (but I think that's jumping the gun a bit... or well behind the curve and we should place that back at the New Deal).  Life in this fallen world for redeemed sinners goes on, all thanks be to God who loves us!

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