Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Such a Focus on Christ

So, my congregation has suggested that once we finish Genesis on Sunday morning (2 more chapters) we move on to Hebrews. This means I've started to read Hebrews (new midget should be born in around 6 weeks... work ahead!) and something stands out - as it does in pretty much every epistle.

There is such a focus on Christ.

But especially with Hebrews: the thrust is that Jesus is better than these things of the Old Covenant. Jesus tops everything and everyone.

I wish people would just be more content to talk and focus on Christ and then let the chips fall where they may. You know - live by faith.

Oh well.


Anonymous said...

Quit being so Lutheran and be more ecumenical and loving so it's about what we can do for Jesus. After all, does surely needs our help and can't continue without us. Gee whiz pastor, I thought you were educated at the sem and learned all this and how to grow a church. Even the laity know that much!!!

Phillip said...

But how long will you spend on those last two chapters?

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Probably not as long as we will on Chapter 11... but that's chapter 11. And 12:1-2 is one of my favorite passages of Scripture. Even that - all about Christ.