Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Death of the New?

We live in a culture where everything must be new, new, new. Or so the conventional wisdom goes.

Yet, what I have seen this week? People railing against Netflix and its changes. People railing against Facebook and its changes. And, of course, I've switched back to the old Blogger dashboard after just one day.

Sometimes we think that if we just make change after change after change it will *do* something, it will accomplish something.

Change isn't creative - change won't bring or do more. Change needs to be responsive -- if situation has changed, then you change in response.

We have forgotten this in the Church. Too many want to use change as a way to manipulate things, to bring about changes that they would want -- in other words, to control. Proper change is simply a matter of service, and it happens slowly.

I had another change this week. I had started a bible study at the vacancy I am serving - 7 pm on Wednesday night. It was starting to finish after dark, and a few of the folks attending were nervous about driving after dark. So, we moved it to Monday at 1:30. Not to draw more people - not to prove that we are dynamic and growing... but because it was a simply need that could be simply addressed, and everyone else could make it at 1:30.

If you are tempted to change something, to bring about a change - ask yourself why. Why are you making this change? Is it for something you *want*? Or to make people do something, to manipulate? If so - it's not a good change. I don't care if it is the most brilliant thing ever - it's not a good change.

When it is something that everyone says, "yes, this is a good and fine idea" - then it's a good change.


Anonymous said...

Oh .............. you mean like electing Obama as president in 2008? Change that everyone wanted!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rev. Eric J Brown said...

Actually, I was thinking more like the Star Wars Blue Ray.

If I were to post about the President, I'd post about how we were going to get Change that... well... more bailouts, continued wars in the middle east... you know, the same.

If anything, he's an example of not bringing change.