Friday, January 13, 2012

Bordering on the Political

(Note - this will be somewhat political, as in US politics)

I value life. I think making sure that children are fed is a good and laudable goal and should be a high priority. I'm sure you agree with me.

However, what would be your reaction if you came home from work and I was, unannounced or uninvited, in your kitchen preparing a meal for your family, because, well, I know how to make lovely and healthy meals.

Would you be upset? After all, I'm just trying to feed the children?

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Part of any life, the life that we value, is the idea of vocation - that we are called by God to serve the people he places in our lives in certain ways.

I love to cook food. As part of my vocation as husband, I am free (and even obligated) to see that there is a meal for my family. Thus, I cook.

As the Pastor of Zion Lutheran Church, I am free (though somewhat less obligated) to help provide food for the various meals there. Thus, I cook.

As a neighbor, I can bring a casserole or dish over to a neighbor who might appreciate it - in this I am free.

However, if I we to assume and take away your vocation, and simply say, "I will be the one to feed your family" - that would be wrong. It would tread upon the vocation God has given you.

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Imagine how you might be upset or offended if I had come into your kitchen and just decided that *I* needed to cook your dinner. Even if it was a wonderful dinner, might it not be upsetting? Even if it is useful, might you not grow to resent it, might you not keep a smile on your face while inside you are more and more aggravated?

I think a wise political policy remembers that other nations are sovereign, that they have their own houses that they need to tend to themselves, and that while we are free to help if asked (bring over a casserole upon request), it's not our job or duty to take things over, or bring "a balanced diet" to the world. That is arrogance on our part and builds up bad will... rather let us teach by example.

And tend to our own kitchen, which is a mess.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing clarity into this subject. I absolutely love the last paragraph. It puts everything into perspective. Mucho gracias and merci beaucoup!