Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Not as Much Posting

So there my son lies, on his bug mat, having a nice conversation with the orange bug-rattle thing. This is what my mornings have consisted of.

Feed. Burp. Clean up spit up. Entertain. Place Victor on the bug and while he is entertained, hurriedly get ready.

This doesn't leave as much time for posting.

So - does this mean that I'm not leading as "Spiritual" a life, that I'm not lost in contemplations or the like.

Nope. It just means that while I might have them, my hands might be full, and well, there's nothing wrong with that.

It's good to have time with my midget. What's going to be more fun/interesting/terrifying is when I get the full nights with him when his mom goes back to work (on the night shift).

But it is lovely to know that tending to my son is a good and God pleasing thing... even as I think he desires to learn to talk simply to complain at me. Ah well - "feed me now" would be a good first sentence to say, wouldn't it?

My thought of the morning is this - let not your theology become compartmentalized, where "theology" is that stuff on the computer screen, or that stuff in that specific devotional. You are a Christian - you see all things through Christ - you approach all things as one redeemed.

Everything in your life is tied to theology. Even playing with a baby ties into vocation, service, theology of the cross, sacrifice, order of creation. Theology isn't just a Sunday morning or blog viewer thing - it is the total encompassing of your life.

There's your challenge for the day. Consider the theological implications of what you are doing when you aren't actively trying to ponder theology. It's a good thing.

Now, I will delight in my son, who has figured out how to grab Orangie the Bug and twist him and look at him from other angles. This is new and exciting.

Theology is always new and exciting, because those timeless truths are always applied anew in our lives. Great stuff.


Violet said...

Thank you for writing this. The reminder that Christian living is all the time, not just on Sundays or during Bible study, is particularly necessary once the midgets are walking and extremely curious!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Even though we may only go to church once/week, we still need to act accordingly 7 days a week, even though it can be tough . Always helps to have a support system!
-Jackie @ Matching neckties