Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cordiality takes the day

Monday was a good day at the Convention - because there was something unheard of - Cordiality. It was. . . pleasant. . . on all sides. I got to witness our president tell David Petersen that he wished Petersen could make by-law changes.

Perhaps next convention we need to get a by-law passed that declares Petersen to be "the sole, unshakable by-law changer of lutheranism."

Of note - I submitted an amendment to a floor committee on 5-01a. . . basically that would cease admissions into district lay ministry programs once SMPP goes in effect. It tightens it up. . . I'll find out if anything was done with it today.

My good friend Eric Stinnett made two good comments from the floor yesterday - one on Stem Cell Research, and a second dealing with. . . math. Yes, if there are 6 names on the ballot, and we elect up to four each, every single person can be elected by more than 50% of the people there. Well, now to go get ready.

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