Monday, August 23, 2010

Too Much Jesus? I think not!

One of the complaints that sometimes gets leveled at Lutherans is that we focus too much on Christ. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we get that Jesus stuff, but tell us about law, or money, or morals, or what have you.

Consider this quote from Ignatius of Antioch, chapter 6 of his letter to the Philadephians.

"But if anyone expounds Judaism to you, do not listen to him. For it is better to hear about Christianity from a man who is circumcised than about Judaism from one who is not. But if either of them fail to speak about Jesus Christ, I look on them as tombstones and graves of the dead, upon which only the names of men are inscribed. Flee, therefore, the evil tricks and traps of the ruler of this age, lest you be worn out by his schemes and grow weak in love. Instead, gather together, all of you, with an undivided heart."

I love Ignatius.

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Preachrboy said...

Some focus too much on the Spirit (Pentacostals?). Some focus too much on the Father (Evangelicals - "Sovereignty").

But Hebrews says to fix our eyes on Jesus. That's good enough for me.