Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Post on Sanctification

Let me be utterly brief. I'll admit it - I hate talking about "sanctification" or "holy living" -- not that I dislike sanctification or holy living -- it's just that conversations "about" these things tend to be sterile and lifeless... which is the exact opposite of what Christian living and Sanctification is supposed to be. Why? Because Sanctification is summed up not in us, but in our living for our neighbor.

Speaking of Sanctification or holy living without the neighbor in mind is... pointless. What is love without an object. What is gentleness without the one whom you are being gentle towards? Even self-control - what is that if not controlling the self so as to serve and not hate the neighbor?

When we are trying to discuss Christian living or Sanctification, or whatever you wish to call it, it is folly to discuss it in terms of what we do not do, or what we as Christians cannot do. A Christian is to be an active agent of love... and true Christian love always acts for the benefit of the neighbor. False piety abstains from acts and feigns this to be holiness.

Don't talk to me about your life, your holiness or the level there of, of how you are progressing on your faith journey or holiness. Don't tell me what you don't do, all the things you give up. Even if you have given up your body to be burden but have no love -- nothing.

Tell me about your neighbor and how you are helping them, how God is using you to serve them and provide them what they need. Then we see that God has given you life.

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