Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pride and Luke 14

Luke 14 - the text dealing with the healing of a man on the sabbath and the parable of sitting in the place of honor at a wedding feast - deals with pride. There is the pride of the Pharisees thinking to test Christ, the pride of the man who exalts himself.

But do you know what true pride is? How it is subtle and pervasive? Jesus tells the parable of where you sit, how you act when invited to a wedding feast, but how many will simply skip the feast of the Lamb this week?

And I'm not just talking about those who sit at home. I'm talking about how many congregations will decide that being invited to the feast of the Lamb would simply take too long to have happen every week. At least the boorish man in the parable was at the feast -- we in our pride think we do not even need to come.

There is no scheduled communion this Sunday at my congregation. Lord have mercy upon us, and upon me, a sinful man.

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