Thursday, July 21, 2011

What You "Want" Shapes Your Theology

So often theology becomes an exercise in the Ego. We shape our theology around what we "want". If we want stuff - our theology is about stuff and wealth and temporal blessings. If we want permission to do stuff - we talk about liberation and acceptance and how outmoded the Scriptures are. If we want popularity and to be important in society - our theology is about growth and mirroring the society and being trendy. If we want to feel good about our works - our theology is focused on our volunteerism and social efforts. If we want to feel as though we are actually good people - our theology focuses upon the sins of others and how they are ruining society. If we want earthly, political power - our theology focuses on rousing the rabble for the appropriate civil causes.

What you want shapes your theology.

The question we ought to ask is what ought we as Christians want?

In the Scriptures, more than anything else, I see the saints wanting mercy. I see them wanting forgiveness. That's what we probably should want. And what does this mean?

If you want mercy and forgiveness - your theology will focus on Christ Jesus and the Cross.

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